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Balochistan  Government has been dedicated to its mission to produce technical workforce who are contributing to society by advancing knowledge and imparting it to new generation’s technologies. Society is changing rapidly in ways which will have a profound impact on social-economic values and life styles. This trend, coupled with the changes that innovation brings new developments, in educational norms. ln the present world scenario, the convergent and  mutually reinforcing impacts of globalization and the information and communication revolution have radically changed not only the methods and structures of production, but also the relative importance of the factors of production.

We are running 200+ institutes for few decades, to cater the need for technical manpower for the growing industry of the country. Having rich traditions and experience, we have developed an eye feasting infrastructure, state of the art facilities with a strong academic excellence is launching institution to provide technical education to the residents of this region. In pursuance of educational excellence, our values reflect our commitments; e.g. Providing a diverse, collegial scholarly and positive learning environment in which individuals can exercise with intellectual rigor and high ethical standards to become well rounded professionals capable of thinking logically, plan independently, and operate objectively.

Engaging with national and international scholars, educational and research institutions to enhance intellectual development, educational quality and research productivity.

Providing high quality system, having open, transparent, responsive, and accountable academic and administrative policies, practices and services. BTEVTA is a step to produce technical workforce for the future is my pledge as a Chairman of the Society and custodian of the BTEVTA that we will endeavor our best for achieving excellence in teaching, development of the laboratories, and provision of the facilities.

Thank you.