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1. Expo Dubai 2020 and 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Skilled Labor Demand

Two mega events in the next six years in Pakistan’s neighborhood are expected to give rise to tremendous employment opportunities in the region. These are the Expo Dubai 2020 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar. These two global mega events will result in new trends in industrial, commercial and enterprise development. The report will focus on future opportunities and will project areas of specialization which can be targeted specifically in case of Balochistan. This report focused on bringing about an analysis of present gaps in Balochistan TVET sector along with future employment opportunities in the region, in general; and in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar, in particular.

A total of 277,000 new jobs are expected to be created. Of these, 40% and 30% are respectively estimated to go to the travel & tourism and construction sectors. Out of the 277,000 expected new jobs, almost 90% are expected to be generated during 2018-2021.  Individuals working temporarily for the Expo are estimated to secure 60% permanent jobs within the UAE. Expo Dubai 2020 is expected to boost the UAE economy by up to 10% by 2025/26.


2. Gulf and European Countries Skilled Labor Demand

It is analyzed that the potential demand and supply of skilled labor from Balochistan in the European and Gulf regions, with an evaluation of labor demand against various variables such as environment, social, cultural, religious and economic factors. The focus should be on these areas, since they play a significant role in attracting labor from other global regions.


3. Gwadar Port Skilled Labor Demand 

The development of the Gwadar port is also a mega project offering great economic opportunity for skilled labor of Balochistan. The focus is on the demand and supply of industry driven trades with reference to Balochistan TVET Sector.


4. CPEC Demand Trades and its Outcomes

Thie advantages of CPEC for the skilled labor of Balochistan is enormous. It is analyzed that the industry driven trades, and the national and international opportunities in this mega project has the potential to bring for the skilled labor of Balochistan.


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