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A study have shown that the construction, infrastructure, transportation, hospitality & tourism, aviation and energy industries generate the most jobs.

B-TEVTA must plan to impart formal training and certification to Balochistan’s workforce in trades and skills related to these industries and Disciplines. Under the direction of B-TEVTA, designated TVET institutes of Balochistan need to develop bilateral and strong linkages with industry specialist to enhance the cooperation between academia and industries.

These industrial specialist must stay with the complete program from start till finish – that is, identification of contemporary skill-sets, development of course content, imparting of class room training and practical training, award of apprenticeships and job placements for Gaining basic work experience. This will also ensure that both students and teachers alike are exposed to new techniques, processes and learning skills.

In addition to professional curricula, TVET institutes need to consider developing course content on soft skills and elective humanities as supplementary training to enhance the overall quality of training and trainee.

B-TEVTA needs to nominate selected TVET institutes for their accreditation with NAVTTC, after implementing its own qualification criteria. This must include qualification of courses, certification of the institute and training instructors.

It is understood accreditation by NAVTTC may be a prerequisite to international accreditation. This is all the more reason for expediting the process with NAVTTC.


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