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Competent and Dedicated Faculty

The staff of the BTEVTA is highly skilled and are constantly providing technical support to the allied departments. BTEVTA has been part of the assessment program through which 7 CBT assessors have been trained in different trades of the institutes of Directorate Manpower Training.

These trained staff have carried out the assessment of the initial CBT courses. The staff of BTEVTA has been part of the development team through which the NVQF & Teaching Learning Material have been developed on national level. During the development of NVQF & TLM document, the team of Balochistan TEVTA has been constantly provided inputs to better suit Balochistan.

These documents are being used & developed by NAVTTC which will eventually be used in the country for the CBT courses with the help of Balochistan TEVTA & respective departments.

The staff of BTEVTA has significant contribution in all of these documents.

Competent and Dedicated Faculty