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Importance of Technical & Vocational Training

Importance of Technical and Vocational Education in Balochistan is getting massive day by day. If you are in a manual or in a technical profession, then you need to have some technical and vocational education. It has been noticed and observed that in the previous days, in Balochistan, technical and vocational education was only given to low level workers. The training was like related to how to do manual tasks and how to operate any sort of machinery.

The Future of TVET in Balochistan

B-TEVTA must look to enhance the share of Balochistan’s workforce in Pakistan’s total overseas workforce from the present 1.18% to at least 5% in the next 5 to 7 years. This will match Balochistan’s workforce proportion to the proportion of its population to the national population

Competent and Dedicated Faculty

The staff of the BTEVTA is highly skilled and are constantly providing technical support to the allied departments. BTEVTA has been part of the assessment program through which 7 CBT assessors have been trained in different trades of the institutes of Directorate Manpower Training.

Industry Demand-Driven Courses

Balochistan TEVTA has decided to launch the local and international demand-driven short courses in the province. Balochistan TEVTA has conducted the Training Need Assessment (TNA) to finalize the contents of courses and explore the possible absorption of the pass-outs in the local and international markets which would be essential for the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Introduction of Competency Based Training (CBT)

In early 2016, CBT was launched in the institutes of Directorate Manpower Training in pilot basis with the help of Balochistan TEVTA & GIZ. The courses duration was 3 to 6 months and were carried out through the 2nd module.

Latest News

Free Driving Courses in Balochistan

BTEVTA in collaboration with Motorway Police launched driving course program through out the province in two phases.

Revival of PSTC

With the support of BTEVTA, PSTC is now fully functional and the admissions are being announced regularly.

Chairman Message

Balochistan  Government has been dedicated to its mission to produce technical workforce who are contributing to society by advancing knowledge and imparting it to new generation’s technologies. Society is changing rapidly in ways which will have a profound impact on social-economic values and life styles.

Vice Chairman Message

The Balochistan Government is greatly emphasizing on the development of human capital growth as being in the forefront towards continued development of the province .This development of the human capital paramount importance particularly In the context of the competing at the international level today’s era of globalization.


Technical and Vocational Education has a unique role to play in the job market, giving Trainees the edge in competitive jobs market by providing them with skills, Experience and clear progression routes they need to succeed stop Technical and Vocational Education can aid progression along career paths, or facilitate entire carries changes .

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