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Introduction of Competency Based Training (CBT)

In early 2016, CBT was launched in the institutes of Directorate Manpower Training in pilot basis with the help of Balochistan TEVTA & GIZ. The courses duration was 3 to 6 months and were carried out through the 2nd module.

The courses were launched in the following institutes,

  1. TTC Hub Launched the Solar Panel Trade till 2nd Module.
  2. TTC Quetta Launched ICT Trade till 2nd Module.
  3. GVI Quetta Launched the Beautician Trade.
  4. HI-Tech Training Institute was selected for the ICT Trade.
  5. TTC Sibi was selected for HVAC Trade.
  6. STI Quetta was selected for Solar Panel Trade.

It must be noted that, CBT was only properly launched in 3 Institutes while the remaining 3 institute could not launch Competency Based Training due to insufficient budget allocation for this domain.

CBT is one of the most important aspects of the TVET sector and Balochistan TEVTA intends to fully launch all the modules throughout the province in near future.

Introduction of Competency Based Training (CBT)