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We express our thanks to Chief Minister Balochistan, Chairman BTEVTA, for his great leadership and gracious patronage in promoting the education and development of  Balochistan to the highest International standards.

We also extend our thanks and gratitude to Vice Chairman Balochistan TEVTA, for his keen interest and continuing  support in ensuring that everything is provided to enable the Balochistan Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority to fulfill its role to the highest international standards, in line with his vision to develop the Balochistan and realize the Balochistan Economic Vision for coming years.

Also we would like to thank the Secretary Labor & Manpower Department Balochistan, for the great support provided to the educational sector and for applying international standards which gave the vocational and technical education in the Balochistan a unique place.

BTEVTA seeks out partnerships with top international organizations to offer accredited education and training programs that match the needs of our labour market. We focus equipping its departments with the qualifications needed by industry for skilled nationals to work in technical and vocational fields in realization of the international demand.

We also collaborate with prestigious organizations in the private sector to select educational programs that meet their needs and raise Balochistan workforce in this vital sector. BTEVTA focuses on continuous technical & vocational education, which is critical to the students education and careers.

We nurture allied departments, institutes, teachers & students lifelong learning skills to encourage them to continuously update their competencies and knowledge, so they become the foundation for building a society based on excellence.

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