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Vice Chairman Message

The Balochistan Government is greatly emphasizing on the development of human capital growth as being in the forefront towards continued development of the province .This development of the human capital paramount importance particularly In the context of the competing at the international level today’s era of globalization.

Qualified knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce is the foundation which determines whether we succeed or fail in achieving over objective.

We are interested in Technical Education and Vocational Training’s (TEVT) in  Balochistan. Not only serve as an important function in that it represents or bridge between Education and Training providers and recipients, but it also underscore the importance of the potential work force supplied with the right guidance along with the right information consecutively. Our efforts in disseminating information Technical and Vocational Training to the workforce particularly Targeted at those interested in Training retraining and skills and ability upgrading in the working world.

We emphasize on Technical and Vocational Training providers and learning institutions key people of the Training industry and programs for skills Training with the purpose of permuting Training opportunities in Balochistan to both local and international market place.

Our Ministry act as an indispensable guidebook for potential school levers and working adults who are seeking Technical Education and Vocational Training’s opportunities in the country.

As Balochistan gears itself up to be a development nation in near future ,a strong manufacturing base will be add to be economy and complement the more mature and exiting industries of Vocational & Technical workforce through B-TEVTA the non government service sector has also been targeted for greater development .


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